Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3 Favorite Sites?

Well, so we were asked to find 3 of our favorite websites and do a little rant about them. I guess we'll get started!

1. DeviantART

I love this page wholeheartedly. It alows the user to upload art in basically any form and lets other people view it, comment on it, favorite it, or request prints of it. It's basically the ultimate art-sharing-forum. One can also write journals, make polls and even toy arround some with the HTML/CSS of their own personal page.

Browsing the page itself is easy and painfree, with all the submitted pieces sorted into categories that are all easy to navigate. Complete with a fantastic search-function, it's never hard to find others art.

2. Gametrailers

A website which very well provides a constantly updated view on everything and anything "game". Videogames, that is. The official site itself hosts all new trailers, gameplay footage, previews, reviews, an assortment of shows and even live feeds at occasion. Combined with an awesome support for users to upload their own movies results in a close to flawless source of gaming news and updates. If you concider yourself a gamer and haven't been to this site yet, shame on you.

3. The Piratebay

Probably one of the most famous, or infamous, sites ever. It alows the user to access a plethora of downloadable content. Sure, most of it isn't really "free-to-download", but it doesn't really stop people from getting it. Games, applications, movies, music, books. Anything you can think of, at the click of a button. Ingenious, if you ask me. And I absolutely love it.

Now, the thing is, most people look at sites such as The Piratebay and shun them because they infringe copyright laws and such. I see it as a way to experience an extended demo, so to say, of a product. Usually, if I download a product and really, really enjoy it, I'll go out and buy an actual copy of it, if it's not too expensive, to show my support to the producers. No harm done, really. Just saves me time and money...


I'll leave it as such for now, I hope you enjoy my choices! :B

-Fredrik "Leo" Gustafsson

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