Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rant about Failbook

Once upon a time, Facebook didn't exist. Yeah, it's hard to believe these days. Nowadays, everyone and their grandmother has an account there. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, I guess, it makes it easy to keep in touch with people, or something. It's supposedly great for working on projects, or getting in touvh with old friends, or expanding your social network, and things like that.

I honestly just never cared.

Untill I had to make an account for school.... :/

So, something that annoys me about it? The fact that notifications, messages and e-mails come flying up your arse from every direction even imaginable the second you register! Pokes here, friends there, activities everywhere. Unless you go in and specifically un-mark every single notification option in the settings page, your inbox is going to be so flooded you'll be begging that you never signed up for the damned thing.

Sure, it's easy to fix this little problem, once you find it, but it really, really annoys me. It's like they made Facebook as annoying and nosy as possible, just so that people wouldn't forget about it.

Apparently, in order to terminate your account (I haven't tried it yet, I've only been told about it, so I'm not sure), you have to delete absolutely everything that you have on your account and send an email to the administrators or something and ask them to shut your account off. Tedious, timewasting and completely retarded.

No wonder everyone's on there, once you register, you don't have a choice but to go back day after day after day. >:/

I just really don't like Facebook or how it works. Some of it's features are "ineresing", but it's nothing you couldn't acomplish on your own wth e-mail, MSN or even phonecall or two.

But I guess I just have a bad oppinion about it, a lot of people enjoy it, but I'm trying my best to stay as far away from it as I can...

And now my rant is over. :0

-Fredrik "Leo" Gustafsson

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